Welcome to The MJS Brand, created by social and digital marketing influencer Marji J. Sherman. Our goal is to positively impact the world through four distinct brands below:

The MJS Brand Portfolio

At the MJS Brand we pride ourselves on our quality of work. These case studies showcase successful social media campaigns that we have led across multiple industries.

Domestic Abuse: How To Identify The Signs

The ends of millions of needles stabbing my vulnerable brains from my abdomen to my heart to my brain. Small bumps raising on my ivory, sometimes purple, sometimes blue, skin due to the chill of the stucco wall of my

7 steps for how to set up your offline measurement program

7 Steps For How To Set Up Your Offline Measurement Program

My first question when I meet with a client is whether or not they measure offline events and whether or not they are even capable of being measured within their current infrastructure. I cannot emphasize offline measurement enough and the

Email Marketing Tips

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Two of my favorite brands have used the vaccination period of COVID-19 to blast out emails two to three times a day. It was annoying at first, and now the three daily emails have grown this incredible hatred towards the

How To Manage A #SocialMedia Crisis In 7 Steps

It is safe to say that in your life as a social media pro, you will more than likely encounter a social media crisis. It’s just the way it goes. Social media is such an uncontrolled space where anyone can