Welcome to The MJS Brand, created by social and digital marketing influencer Marji J. Sherman. Our goal is to positively impact the world through four distinct brands below:

The MJS Brand Portfolio

At the MJS Brand we pride ourselves on our quality of work. These case studies showcase successful social media campaigns that we have led across multiple industries.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

  Two of my favorite brands have used the vaccination period of COVID-19 to blast out emails two to three times a day. It was annoying at first, and now the three daily emails have grown this incredible hatred towards

5 Things I Learned As A Hostess

I’ve met a lot of young women lately that are working in the service industry and feel like they need to somehow explain to me why they are a waitress, etc. “I’ve applied everywhere. I have my degree, you know!”

How To Get Your C-Suite On Social Media

It doesn’t matter who the company is or what they sell, an emerging issue with their social media seems to be getting the C-Suite to use social media. This is a natural issue. Many executives are usually more seasoned, thus