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How To Produce VALUABLE Content In Social Media

My #1 piece of advice for ANY entity on social media that wants to do a swell job is –> provide value to the consumer. This is nothing new. It has been preached in a million different ways across a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Qualities To Look For In A Social Media Hire

Top_5_Qualities_To_Look_For_ In_A_Social_Media_Hire I fudged my way through my very first social media interview. I was a communications researcher coming from a firm on 42nd and Madison in NYC, and showed up to the interview hoping to fumble way through it … Continue reading

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If Your Brand Is A 24/7 Service, Then Your Social Media Needs To Be A 24/7 Service

I do not like Frontier Airlines. It probably started when I realized I had to PAY for a regular drink, or maybe because my knees have bruises on them after being dug into the seat in front of me the … Continue reading

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