Kill the Auto-DM. Please, and thank you.



I asked my followers what they looked for when following someone on Twitter. Expecting to get responses like, ‘someone educated in social media’ or ‘someone that makes me laugh’, I received answers about everyone’s pet peeves of their fellow Twitter users. Number one? Auto-DMs. Number two? Profile photos that are not of their faces, but rather of their kids, dogs, etc.

So, while I am sure there many out there waiting for me to condemn the dog photo Auto-DMers out there, I am going to remain true to myself and give you the #1 piece of advice you need for Twitter –> Be yourself. Seriously. If you want a photo of your dog as your profile pic, put up the photo of your dog. If you want your kids as your profile pic, go for it. That’s your preference, and that says something about YOU to your followers.

HOWEVER, if you want to set up an automated service that sends tacky Auto-DMs to anyone and everyone that follows you—> STOP. That is not being YOU. That is called being a robot, and, believe me, it is NOT flattering.

Out of everyone involved in the conversation today, almost ALL agreed they immediately unfollow someone that has the nerve to send them an Auto-DM. I, personally, am just offended by them. If I have 65K followers, and don’t use an Auto-DM service, then you certainly don’t need one at 200 followers. If you are at a point where you have to Auto-DM, then you are at a point where you don’t need to be on Twitter, because you DON’T GET THE POINT.

Let me give you an example of just how ridiculous you look when you send an Auto-DM:

  • I sent out a Tweet telling followers it’s not cool to Auto-DM me, and literally received an Auto-DM five seconds later.

  • I was asked a question in an Auto-DM, but could not answer it because that person never followed me back!

  • I was asked if I needed help with social media with my business in an Auto-DM, when social media is my profession!

  • I have seen millions of Auto-DMs come through with “via-”

  • AND, my #1 pet peeve, I have received Auto-DMs with “Sorry for this stinky Auto-DM”…Are you F*ing kidding me?!

Take the time to authentically message your followers. They took the time to seek you out and follow you.You just look like an ass when you Auto-DM someone back. It would be better to not message anyone at all. Seriously.

– Marji J. Sherman