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How #EmployeeAdvocacy Revived A Hospital System

Social media fads are born every second and leave just as fast. You have brands that have no business being on snapchat trying to copy other brands that actually have an audience/reason to be there, you have brands trying to … Continue reading

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A Letter To My Younger Self

Lessons, coping skills, and leadership skills learned throughout Marji J. Sherman’s 28 years of life.

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10 Ways To Be A More Authentic, Effective Digital + Social Media Strategist

I almost deleted my Facebook this week (still might), which is a pretty big play for someone who makes her living off of creating strategies for networks like, you guessed it, Facebook. It wasn’t because of the popular politics bantering, … Continue reading

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10 Ways For Your Brand To Grow Up On Social Media

Gone are the days of effortlessly tapping into every third-party conversation with some quip about your brand and calling it a social media strategy. As digital has evolved, social media has been forced to grow up right along with it. … Continue reading

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10 Tips For Writing A Content Marketing Strategy

Being primarily a creative at heart, content strategies have always been my favorite strategies to write. Before paid social media existed (I know, I’m old), a brand’s content had to be stellar or it was not going anywhere. I feel … Continue reading

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It’s A Social Responsibility For Brands To Rethink #SocialMedia During #COVID19

Social media has transformed from a place that was slowly losing momentum and rarely having honest conversations anymore, to a media that the world cannot live without since it is providing hopeful stories from around the world, CDC updates, ways to find therapists during this time, etc. Social media is no longer a byline, but a lifeline.

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7 Questions To Ask When Making Big Decisions

Leadership skills and coping processes to make the best decisions possible in your life.

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How To Get Your C-Suite On Social Media

It doesn’t matter who the company is or what they sell, an emerging issue with their social media seems to be getting the C-Suite to use social media. This is a natural issue. Many executives are usually more seasoned, thus … Continue reading

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Tell Your Story, Save A Life

I saw an incredible sermon this weekend that touched on the fact that maybe all of the difficult things we have gone through are not for us, but so we can be a blessing/lesson for someone else. This concept struck … Continue reading

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How To Produce VALUABLE Content In Social Media

My #1 piece of advice for ANY entity on social media that wants to do a swell job is –> provide value to the consumer. This is nothing new. It has been preached in a million different ways across a … Continue reading

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