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5 Tips To Effectively Use Instagram Stories

Stories are all over the place these days and many brands are staying far away from this new, trendy feature simply due to the amount of effort it takes to create a story that will only live on for 24 hours. Working on a small team myself, I get it. By the time you spend […]

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Six Things I’ve Learned Through My Sister’s Death

Six years ago tonight, I was euphoric from a date the night before and packing for my first trip with my first job out of college. I was hopeful, ecstatic that I had a potential new boyfriend who I just could not spend time with, and the dream job that I spent six months convincing […]

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7 Tricks For Not Missing Blind Spots On Social Media

Social media is a moving target. One day you are trying to control trolls hijacking a hashtag, while the next you are creating impromptu graphics because something happened unexpectedly, as it always does, and you need to be in the conversation ASAP. Trying to juggle every unexpected piece of social media during the day can […]

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Learning Acceptance

**I originally was going to edit this post, as it was written a couple of weeks ago, but I read it to someone last night and they said, ‘No, you need to leave this one raw.’ So, here you go.** Acceptance I’ve written a lot about fighting for things, at all costs, and getting whatever […]

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5 Questions To Ask Before Working With Influencers

Influence is such an interesting word these days. It’s been so overused and misconstrued that it can actually be laughable to look at some of the most recents place it has popped up. It seems the most popular way to define influence in the ‘social media expert’ world is by how many followers someone has, and, […]

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How To Supercharge Content Creation Via #EmployeeAdvocacy

Let’s face it, if there is one problem most social media teams face today it’s that they are UNDER resourced. Social media staff are asked to do a thousand things, all at once, and struggle to find ways to get it all done. One of the most time-sucking parts of social media is content creation. […]

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