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How To Grow Something Beautiful Out Of Bullet Casings

Read about the importance of transparency, honesty, and seeking out support during life’s tough catches. Take care of your mental health while learning about Marji J. Sherman’s struggle coping with her hysterectomy due to endometriosis.

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How To Produce VALUABLE Content In Social Media

My #1 piece of advice for ANY entity on social media that wants to do a swell job is –> provide value to the consumer. This is nothing new. It has been preached in a million different ways across a … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Presenting To Different Generations

As multiple generations come together in the workplace, it’s easy to alienate colleagues and clients by not becoming familiar with their generation and expectations. A millennial can easily confuse a baby boomer by using terms and phrases they are completely … Continue reading

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5 Things To Try Before Rapid-Firing The ‘Unfriend’ Button On Facebook

Thy will be done. What an utter acceptance of the loss of control. It takes a courageous, trustworthy individual to even be able to utter those words. It’s a part of the Lord’s prayer I get in a straight up … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Growing Up On Social Media

Seven years ago, I was going through a tragic college breakup and begged my mom and stepdad to attend a brand new art walk in Miami called The Wynwood Art Walk so I didn’t have to spend Saturday night alone. … Continue reading

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Three Critical Attributes For Effective Storytelling

558164ab388115b518422209f4191662 I was laid up on my couch Friday night in horrific pain because I have a lovely little thing called Endometriosis. If you’ve never heard of it, feel free to Google it, but the most important thing to know … Continue reading

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5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Social Media

Once upon a time, after visiting the Humane Society website, I became obsessed with a dog named Radcliff.  All I could think about was having this adorable rescued beagle in my house. So, I went to the Humane Society to claim … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Building Bridges In Real-Time Conversations

bridge-quote2 There is an amazing sermon series happening at my church right now (I’m A Bridge) about building bridges. While one of my favorite quotes is, “Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which … Continue reading

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How To Weed Your Social Media Garden

I heard a great sermon this morning about weeding out the negative things in our lives that strangle the positive, fruitful things we are trying to grow. Weeds often times grow faster than what we are trying to plant, which … Continue reading

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Any Brand Messages Are Free Game For Social Media

NewYorkAlwaysGoodIdea I announced I was moving back to NYC strictly on Facebook yesterday. I tend to post important personal things first on Facebook, since most people that know me IRL are Facebook friends and not necessarily Twitter followers. Naive little … Continue reading

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