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5 Tips For Growing Up On Social Media

Seven years ago, I was going through a tragic college breakup and begged my mom and stepdad to attend a brand new art walk in Miami called The Wynwood Art Walk so I didn’t have to spend Saturday night alone. They agreed, and we all fell in love with the quaint walk among the huge […]

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5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Social Media

Once upon a time, after visiting the Humane Society website, I became obsessed with a dog named Radcliff.  All I could think about was having this adorable rescued beagle in my house. So, I went to the Humane Society to claim Radcliff. Much to my fantasy life horror, Radcliff had already been claimed and was long […]

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5 Steps To Building Bridges In Real-Time Conversations

There is an amazing sermon series happening at my church right now (I’m A Bridge) about building bridges. While one of my favorite quotes is, “Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn,” this series focuses more on the actual building of the bridge. Building bridges is […]

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How To Weed Your Social Media Garden

I heard a great sermon this morning about weeding out the negative things in our lives that strangle the positive, fruitful things we are trying to grow. Weeds often times grow faster than what we are trying to plant, which makes it even more critical to constantly weed them out, so they don’t end up […]

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Any Brand Messages Are Free Game For Social Media

I announced I was moving back to NYC strictly on Facebook yesterday. I tend to post important personal things first on Facebook, since most people that know me IRL are Facebook friends and not necessarily Twitter followers. Naive little me was caught off guard when this personal announcement  was suddenly ALL OVER Twitter. Well no […]

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