The Survivor’s Guilt

Eyes the color of an iridescent ocean, never blue, but never green. Silky blonde hair blowing in the warm wind. Porcelain skin that almost reveals the storm of blue, purple, red veins just beneath the surface. Iridescent eyes exposing tiny red veins that could not keep his secrets. Silky hair that you spend hours taking care of, as it’s the only thing...

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The Pity Party

Faint screams. Shouting through hoarse tears that you will never get what you want because you are a terrible horrible person. My silky white-blonde pre-chemo hair blocking any last view of you. Hairy skin covered with a few extra layers, all stuffed into the same black jeans we bought after sushi on Lincoln Rd landed on your lap before the Chainsmokers...

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5 Types Of Content For Healthcare Professionals To Share On Social Media

As a healthcare professional, social media can be a scary atmosphere. There are so many laws telling you not to share specifics about what you do in your office/hospital, so navigating what you can and cannot talk about becomes tricky. Don’t let the public nature of social media scare you away, though. There are many creative ways to use social media...

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