Author: Marji Sherman

Why #SocialMedia Fails


I was recently witness to an epic fail of social media within a large, old-school corporation that rearranges its teams more often than Millennials switch jobs. The company could blame it on talent, which I heard it has. It could also blame infrastructure, the product its selling, that one VP that no one liked. But the real reason social media...

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5 Ways Your Brand Can Succeed Among Facebook’s New Privacy Rules

Privacy. My generation (Millennials) disregarded it altogether, while Generation Y runs to apps such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories to ensure their content only lives for 24 hours. Surprisingly, I was always against Facebook (originally.) I was so into privacy growing up that I insisted on only dating guys from the other high school across town, and I succeeded. While it...

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How Tightened Privacy Changes On #SocialMedia Affects Branding

Privacy is an awesome thing and is valued by (most) people, especially Generation X. While Millennials are ready to share anything and everything publicly, Generation X immediately sought out networks like Snapchat that would erase their posts within 24 hours. After watching their older generation be consumed (and sometimes wrecked) by sharing too much, they decided they wanted anything BUT that...

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My 30-ish Open Letter To You

I turn 31 on Sunday. A very milestone age, I know. But this year my birthday feels a little bit different than years before. After a grueling fight against endometriosis which left me in the hospital more days than I count, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my birthday looks like a bright technicolor light at the end of a painful...

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