Author: Marji J. Sherman

The Emergency #StressRelief Guide For #DigitalMarketing Pros

Social media is not a career for the timid. Managing social media networks that run 24/7, creating and publishing content that is in real-time and being viewed by thousands, and having your entire career in the public spotlight is not a carefree life. Social media professionals have an interesting role in the fact that it is one of the only jobs...

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The Survivor’s Guilt

Eyes the color of an iridescent ocean, never blue, but never green. Silky blonde hair blowing in the warm wind. Porcelain skin that almost reveals the storm of blue, purple, red veins just beneath the surface. Iridescent eyes exposing tiny red veins that could not keep his secrets. Silky hair that you spend hours taking care of, as it’s the only thing...

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