The Things You Need To Believe In

The Things You Need To Believe In

You’ll want to settle, Until you feel his strong shoulder underneath your weary head in an empty movie theater in your grandparents’ hometown.


You’ll hate talking on the phone,

Until he calls you every night until he comes back from his trip and you realize how fast the hours can go by when you share every part of yourself with someone else.


You’ll want to keep on caking on the makeup and fancy clothes,

Until you are makeup-less and tearstained and he looks at you like you are a piece of art.


You’ll be made to believe you are the last priority on the list,

Until you walk into a bar with your friends just before midnight on your birthday, and he is waiting for you on the dancefloor after a hard day’s work.


You’ll want to always check your cell phone,

Until he takes you to an old supper club in the middle of farmland and you get lost back in time.


You’ll think it’s normal to scream, get doors slammed in your face and have people leave,

Until he refuses to leave your kitchen during your first fight until you tell him exactly what’s wrong and what you can do together to work through it.


You’ll think no one will ever understand your soul because that song never makes sense to anyone else,

Until he makes you a playlist and he includes that song.


You’ll cringe everytime you bring people home to meet your parents,

Until he sits in your Mama’s living room and he makes her smile like you’ve never seen her smile before.


You’ll think you never deserve forgiveness,

Until you hurt him without even meaning to, but he still trusts you and makes you his midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve.


You’ll hate being cold and in the snow,

Until the snow falls around the two of you like you’re in a movie and he wraps his arms around you tighter than anyone else has before.


You’ll be made to feel like you’re an awkward mess,

Until you trip on a romantic walk around the capitol and he laughs with you, making sure every moment after that you never trip again.


You’ll want to settle because settling is all you know right now,

Until you walk into a concert on the opposite side of town, on an unassuming Saturday night, and your eyes meet for a brief second, and the world is suddenly calmer, safer.

He will be there, when you least expect it, waiting for you to let him love you the way you have always deserved.

Let him.

<3 M.

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