The Coordinates

The Coordinates

It attended the Britney Spears' rollerskating party in Prospect Park,

It stayed on as I sifted through holiday gifts at Union Square.

I held it between my fingers before I went on stage to speak at the Yale Club,

I made sure it was still there after I fell down those unfinished stairs.

It clung tightly to my body as you hugged me goodbye at the airport,

It dug into my collarbone in the packed subway car every afternoon.

I placed it on my lips as I struggled to write this,

I felt its significance even when I knew no one else understood. 

And when it fell from a Wall Drug wooden box one random day,

I was taken back to the place the coordinates had planned,

To the day that both of us were overly stressed out, in an unfamiliar state, 

To the vodka soda and whiskey sour that shook in our nervous hands.

I was taken back to our souls instantly, permanently melding into one,

Forming a special connection that neither of us had experienced before.

Something as simple as a necklace from long ago falling to the wooden floor,

Can awaken hearts and remind them of everything they fought for.

A simple rose gold bar with the coordinates of where we met on the front,

With the date and place of where we met on the back of the bar,

A simple rose gold bar that now is tied back around my neck with hanging wire,

Reminding me of when I first knew you existed, of where I lost my heart. 

Reminding me, that it's time to come home.

<3 M. 






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