Marji J. Sherman combines expertise and experience with her lifelong passion for strategic communications, to create the best Social Media Marketing campaigns for her clients.

Marji began her career on Madison Ave. in New York as a Communications Researcher, then headed to Miami where she combined her research skills with her creative, proactive approach as the social media director for various clients in a range of industries from sports nutrition to medicine.

​Marji’s passion for research, combined with her expertise in traditional and new media, allows her to create actionable strategies tailored to clients’ goals. She values immersing herself in her clients’ industries, learning the ins and outs so she can seamlessly forecast trends and create content that engages the most valuable consumers.

 Posted on : September 21, 2014

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  1. I would be interested to know what are you fees for promotional services.
    Guy Quigley

  2. Marji is respectful of other people and expects to receive the same level of respect in return. She has a gift for stating truth clearly and making her points cogently. I enjoy following Marji on Twitter and recommend her feed to anyone interested in reaching people using social media with a genuine message that offers benefits to others.

  3. I would very much so like to work wth you and explore your world

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