The Rebels With A Cause

The Rebels With A Cause

Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s get in your beat-up Toyota from college and play the mix-tape you left outside my dorm freshman year. Let’s build the nonprofit we wrote a strategy for in Business 204, using the graphics I designed in Graphic Design 101. Let’s buy a hundred Pollo Tropical meals and deliver them one-by-one to the homeless that live outside the clubs we used to haunt all night in South Beach. Afterwards, you will play the drums for the DJs on the beach while I admire you from the sweaty mosh pit…a few pounds heavier and hair a few inches shorter. Then, let’s use all of our vacation time to go on mission trips to Costa Rica and rebuild their decaying towns. Let’s eat all of the roasted chicken and rice and beans and plantains in the world while we are there. Let’s forget that I can’t have children and volunteer at the local Boys & Girls club. Let’s show them this world can be kinder than they ever knew. Let’s fight this world that’s tried to destroy us in every breath and prove that anything can be overcome.

Let’s actually be who we dreamed of being when everything was possible, because it still is…

<3 M.

Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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