The Other Side Of The Street

The Other Side Of The Street

The Other Side Of The Street

She was buoyantly spirited. Not in a corny way, but in a way that made your energy level rise and dreams seem possible just by being in presence. Pixie cut of platinum hair, thick black eyeliner, hot pink lips all created the bulletproof armor she wore. I envied her in a way that consumed my flesh and bones, my every thought. I watched her throw his clothes out the fourth floor walk up when he came home late with no explanation. I saw her passionately leave for work with her fitted designer black trench coat, monogrammed briefcase and earbuds in. On some humid, quiet nights when I had no choice but to open all of the windows, I heard vibrant conversations with her friends. She was loved, oh so loved.

My toxic resentment of her became so stifling that on one extra balmy night as the fire hydrants became welcomed showers to cool off, I crossed the street to live in her world.

<3 M.

Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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