The Things I Deny I Am Thankful For

The Things I Deny I Am Thankful For

I knew I could bake but never if I could cook. I was determined to make our first Thanksgiving dinner in the apartment on Brickell Ave. We had strict plans— cook dinner and then dress for dinner and then finishing cooking dinner. I panicked when I took the frozen turkey out, immediately calling Mama for directions to defrost it. She laughed, basically telling us we would never get it thawed in time to cook it. I was mortified. You immediately went and bought the last outrageously priced (thawed) turkey at the Whole Foods 52 minutes away. By the time it was cooked, and the small glass table for two was perfectly set, we didn’t have time to get ready. I was in my panda sleeper shirt and you were in your gym shorts. Both I showered. Exhausted from a day of mishaps, we both took a quick shower and threw on our most Thanksgiving-looking clothes. We sat across from each other at an exquisite dinner we created together. Suddenly perfectly curled hair and a shaved face had no place at our table. Only the raw versions of ourselves were allowed in front of the masterpiece we created. And suddenly we knew exactly what we were thankful for.

Thank you for…  

Accepting my flaws

Celebrating my wins

Letting me go.  

<3 M. 

Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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