The Questions That Keep Us Up At Night

The Questions That Keep Us Up At Night

I guess I just thought we were part of the same tribe. I welcomed you as one of my own, protecting you from the rest as they tried to tear you apart and claim that you were an imposter. I fought back against their claims that you were made of something far darker. I lost weight, friends and jobs for your cause. And now, in a silence of unreturned calls, texts and emails, I see what they saw. No matter how hard I fight it. And my dreams die as I am forced to believe in what they saw the whole time. I have no choice but to see the stranger now in front of me, loveless and lackluster. Embarrassment, shame, shock. They all blend together to make me the fool of this tribe until the next one falls for an outsider.

And now I cannot even look at pictures of you because the soul I believed in is no longer there. And I can’t call because you’re no longer there. And I can’t keep your things in this home because they now belong to a stranger.

And even through it all, one tiny sliver part of me refuses to give up on the sparks I swear I saw within your soul. I mean, you can’t lay beside someone for three years and not realize they are the devil, can you? Did I?

<3 M.

Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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