The Seasons Of Us

The Seasons Of Us

Cold whiskey sour and vodka tonic as sweat drips down our faces in the open-air bar. Anxious giggles in front of my cubicle with your worn leather briefcase in hand. Melting peach ice-cream as we walk down the hot streets of Delray together.

Striking red gown as we attend your sister’s wedding together. Bright fireworks above South Beach as we bring in the New Year. Custom-made Cinema Paradiso cake at your surprise birthday party I planned for you at work.

Salty tears as your family cuts any notion of us being together down. Feisty walks along the beach as the lightning struck a few miles offshore. Quiet whispers of one of us moving out of South Florida soon as we drank our martinis on a rainy day.

Emerald green mazes to get lost in at Vizcaya as we fell in love once more. Painful emergency surgery leaving you spending five days by my side at the hospital. Quiet whispers becoming louder as I accept a job back in the city post-recovery.

Missed calls, missed planes and missed dates leaving us both alone in separate cities. Humid trips to Florida leaving me alone at a hotel beach for most of the days. Dark nights spent hiding away in movie theaters.

Destructive chemo tearing apart my body as you visit one last time. Unanswered calls, emails and texts as your family becomes involved once again. True love fading as I take an ambulance to the hospital without you.

One being destroyed physically, the other being destroyed spiritually. Both fighting to survive in a world we have both found so cold. Innocent love trying to survive amidst a world that no longer believes in love.

I love you.

<3 M.


Marji J. Sherman

Expert in NFTs, metaverse, social, and digital marketing.

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