Interview: How To Succeed In The Face of Adversity


I was so honored to recently be interviewed by Epic Careering, a great company out of PA that helps others with their resumes and enhancing their careers. I thought the questions they asked were very thought-provoking on not your normal career questions. Take a look at the interview below which touches on how to face […]

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5 Ways To Refocus Your Energy

When I was a senior in high school I was madly in love with my first love to the point that I would have absolutely done anything for him. We were perfect for each other, except his family did not support us dating. He was a different religion than me and that was my first […]

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How To Get Your C-Suite On Social Media

It doesn’t matter who the company is or what they sell, an emerging issue with their social media seems to be getting the C-Suite to use social media. This is a natural issue. Many executives are usually more seasoned, thus not growing up in the generation that’s been exposed constantly to social media. They also […]

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5 Lessons Learned When We’re Knocked On Our Backs

I sit down to write this this afternoon full of so much love from all of you that I feel like I am going to cry. I literally have goosebumps from the overwhelming amount of love and support that has poured in since I announced my two surgeries last week. I originally wanted to write […]

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How To Win At Twitter With Just 10 Minutes Per Day

One of the most popular excuses I’ve heard lately about the lack of social media use is that it just takes too much time. People feel that once they commit to updating, engaging and creating content, they will be sucked into a vortex. While effective social media strategies, content creation and brand engagement definitely take […]

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5 Ways To Deal When The World Breaks Your Heart

I was in a texting disagreement this week and was incredibly proud of my sassy, clever messages. I honestly didn’t think I still had my high school sass still in me. As I gloated to my mom about how I was able to be an excellent wordsmith with my short and spicy texts, I heard […]

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